Emma's clients - Three different categories


Some of Emma's biggest and important clients have been from the Express business. UPS & TNT and FedEx are
using Emma's Custom Clearance software in the Nordic countries.

Through the last 20 years Emma has developed a lot of competence and insight in the world of Express. Due to the
extreme number of shipments (growing year by year) Emma need to have a continuously development to improve and
make the declaration registration process both quick & correct with a minimum of manually work. This development
benefits all our clients, small & big.


More and more companies dealing in the Custom Clearance & forwarding business want to have one single solution
covering all their business. Emma grows with its clients and today

Emma covers both air, sea, road activities in the different Nordic countries. In addition to the generating of AirwayBills,
Bill of Lading, CMR and so on all the invoicing (out & in) can be done within the Emma solutions.

By using our powerfull statistic's module DB Regnskap, you will always have full financial control on your daily business.
All invoicing are of course uploaded to your ERP solution without any manual involvement.

Importer & Exporters

Today more than 50 companies are doing all or some of their own declarations in Emma. But most import & Export
companies are buying most of the Custom Clearance services from a Forwarder or an Express company.

For those companies Emma are offering a unique WEB based service, Emma E-Doc where the export/importer can
receive, collect and control all their declarations.

The combination of using Emma Custom Clearance solution on some of the volume (Exports for instance) and export
those to the E-Doc solution where all the rest from 3.parties gives you the complete control on all custom clearances.
This service is in daily use with 150 Norwegian and International companies, and the number are growing fast.