E-Doc - customs archive

One of our products that really has been a success factor for Emma in recent years,
is our electronic customsarchive solution, Emma E-Doc. As of today, there are over 500 Norwegian companies that use E-Doc to secure full control of all its import and export declarations.
New this year is the analysis module. This enables the company to run queries down to the smallest detail in the declaration, for example, tariff number, article number or specific tax fees.
This opens up for an effective control routine or as a tool when performing tax or customs audits.

As the responsibility for the collection of import VAT has been transferred from the customs department (Tolletaten) to the tax department (Skatteetaten since 01.01.2016),
this involves potentially big challenges for VAT registered businesses from next year 01/01/2017.
Preliminary indications suggest that the companies themselves must calculate VAT and report this on the company's VAT return form.
You will no longer pay VAT via the customs bill or deduct VAT from this.
All goods must still be declared and the customs declaration will remain to set the tariff number and customs value.

Due to the practical challenges as a result of this, we anticipate that the need for solutions like E-Doc, will only increase in the future.