The Emma products consist of a packet of software under the trademark Emma®. The main part of the software is specialized for logistics/freight forwarding and is used by market leaders in the northern countries Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

The software cover both the operational and administrative needs, including market and economy.

In 2011 more than 4 million declarations will be done in our solutions. Our biggest client makes more than 4.000 declarations per day! This demands extreme efficiency and stability.

Further we see to that our customers are communicating their customer important documents and other information through integrated electronic routines and Web.

The system contains economic overview on income and costs to secure the margins in core business.
Emma is doing a lot of customization to the software to optimize the use for each customer.

A general framework secures the possibility to on the spot define search and data selections for the screens to support various routines.

Without support and continuing maintenance software does not last for long if the system shall cope with a changing world, national regulations in different countries. In this market the software must at all time meet formal claims and quick support is a must. A truck loaded with fresh fish must go immediately with needed documents and clearances for border crossing without delay.

We therefore aim to be a on the minute support organization when needed.