Tailor-made for your business!   

Emma WEB Tvinn is tailor-made for companies who wish to produce their own import and/or export declarations. The system is delivered as a SaaS service, in which a license is paid in accordance with the number of declarations carried out. Since many declarations are carried out by external transport specialists, the acquisition of both of our modern SaaS systems will ensure that your business has full control and oversight over all declarations. 

Emma WEB TVINN is a web-based programme for electronic declarations via the Norwegian customs service. The service requires only an internet connection and is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

What do you get with Emma WEB TVINN?

SaaS-based service – does not require installation

Ideal for firms that carry out their own declaring

Good templates that are straightforward to copy and use

Very quick to get going

Reasonable pricing based on the number of declarations per year

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